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Figures recently released by the Government show that burglary is on the rise as the recession takes hold. Preventable crime is a hot topic today.

Burglary is something that leaves victims traumatised and feeling insecure in their own home. As professionals, it saddens us to see the destruction these crimes bring to our customers lives, as we are frequently called out on emergency jobs to replace or secure broken front doors. In many cases this could have been prevented.

We do professional carpentry for a living and have completed thousands of projects, installing and repairing different kinds of doors.

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Having all this experience and a website through which we can share our knowledge, we have compiled a list of simple and practical procedures you can follow to make your home more secure. Although some of them may sound a little obvious, you’d be surprised how many of us ignore the basic things!

• Make sure all your windows and doors are locked, even if you are only leaving your property for a few minutes.

• Make sure your entry door is fitted with a British Standard BS 3621 insurance rated locks.

• Use quality ironmongery. Use at least three hinges for your front door. Heavy duty hinges, door security bolts and security hinge bolts are often optional but it is well worth choosing these items when installing the door as it will take a lot longer for a burglar to break the door.

• Use a door chain.

• Don’t forget to secure your back and side gates.

• Always lock your garage and shed

• Leave some lights on or use a light switch timer if it is going to be dark before you get home.

• Never leave your keys or important documents near doors or windows.

If following these instructions means that crimes have been prevented, it’s one piece of business we don’t mind losing!

If you are looking to improove your security in London or the surrounding areas, contact us today or call 020 8819 3448 now for a free, no-obligation service quote.

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