Considering room dividers? Here’s why you should

room dividing doors

We recently completed a lovely project installing some Victorian room dividing doors for one of our clients. This is an effective way to manage your space, allowing you to create one or two rooms using room dividers as you please. 

There are a number of reasons you might want to consider room dividers, but if you’re undecided whether this is the right decision for you, we’re here to help. Taking a look back over one of our most recent projects, we’ll outline some of the key reasons you should opt for room dividers in your home.

Choose something stylish 

Room dividers are both practical and stylish. You can see from our recent project in which these doors were used to separate the kitchen from the living area, that internal room dividers are the perfect way to separate your home office or rooms. You can quickly and easily transform one room into two, or vice versa.

wooden room dividers

For example, if you’ve got a living room and a dining room that are joined by a larger opening, but you don’t always want these to act as one room, you can add dividers. These are perfect if you want a little peace and quiet while the children are watching TV in the other room, or you want to create a cosier feel in your living space! 

Then, on the other hand when you’ve got guests round you can open these separate rooms back up again to create a bigger space to accommodate more people. 

Have them custom made 

The problem is, every house is different, and although you can buy ready-made dividers from a number of retailers – these don’t always fit standard internal door sizes. Choosing to have dividers custom made for you is a great way to ensure the perfect fit. Not to mention you’ll have more control over the materials and finish than you would if you chose something from a store.

room dividers doors

During our recent room dividing project the client chose a glossy white finish with gold handles. This clean crisp look complimented the style of their home and was a great addition to their living area. Their bespoke design meant the left side could be used as a door on its own and the right side folded back to open the room out into a bigger space. 

By choosing door installation and design from Solid Carpentry you can decide exactly what you’re dividers will look like and how they will open and close.  

So if you’re considering room dividers like those in our latest project, get in touch today. Our team of skilled specialists will talk through your specifications to create stylish and practical dividers for you.

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