Looking for fun and functional? Choose a secret bookcase

illuminated bookcase

We love getting to create fun and functional designs and one of our favourite projects to work on is a secret bookcase. You may have only seen these in Hollywood films up until now, but these can be a really practical storage solution and if you want one, they can be a reality in your home or office. In the past, we’ve worked with clients to produce moving bookcases which hide wall safes and even disguise whole rooms or lift. Still not sure why should you choose a secret bookcase? Let us tell you. 

Bookcase door

For storage 

First and foremost, you can never have too much storage! So no matter what you’re hiding behind your moving bookcase, it’s always a practical place to store your books, magazines, files, decorative items and any other belongings you want out the way or on display. 

Secret bookcase for hiding doors, safes, lifts and secret rooms

If you’ve got a space that you want to keep private, for example, your office or a comfy snug that you want to keep all to yourself, a secret bookcase is the perfect way to do this. After all, no one will suspect that behind those shelves is a whole other room. They’ll be too focused on looking at what’s on the shelf, so you can feel safe that what’s behind it is your little secret (unless you want to brag about it of course). 

secret bookcase

As a talking point 

Not only are these practical, but let’s face it, they’re pretty cool! If you’re doing some home renovations and you’re looking to add something unique to your home, a secret bookcase will certainly be a talking point for guests. 

Choosing Solid Carpentry to create your secret bookcase door

While you might be quite excited at the prospect of a secret bookcase in your home or office, it’s important to remember that these need to be durable and also need to keep safety in mind. Choosing a trusted team like ours means you can guarantee the quality of your bookshelf and you can expect nothing but excellent service throughout its design and creation. 

Check out one of our recent secret bookcase projects on Instagram and our YouTube Channel or get in touch for more details.

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