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We all know that one should never judge by appearances. This statement is correct, but doesn’t work when it comes to running a retail business and opening a new shop because the front of any store generates the first customer impression. As a business owner having shops with a lot of foot traffic, you should realize that in order to attract customers walking by, it’s important to improve the outside look of your store. And this is where shop fronts come into play.

There are many different types of shop fronts available on the London market (they are usually classified by the material used). Along with glass, metal and other modern materials, many retail premises choose a natural wood finish allowing to create a warm and inviting look that will catch people’s attention. If you are going to renovate the design of your shop and change your business image to more traditional, wooden shop fronts will be the perfect solution for any your related needs.

Creating an elegant look of your store requires hiring professional contractors and this may seem to be the most crucial part of your repair process. Are you looking for the best shop front manufacturers in the London area? You’ve come to the right place! Solid Carpentry is a reputable company with extensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of carpentry and joinery tasks. We specialize in designing and fitting of all wooden shop front types in the London area. Moreover, as a part of our services, we are ready to repair or completely replace damaged shop fronts at affordable rates.

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At Solid Carpentry we understand that eye-catching shop fronts are a key element of a successful branding concept. That’s why, in order to provide our clients with both appealing and functional wooden shop fronts, we deal with contractors experienced in all types of carpentry and joinery jobs. Our professional team consists of highly skilled joiners, carpenters, glaziers, painters and designers who are one of the best in this field.

Would you like to get a shop front that is attractive and inviting? Feel free to contact us today and get a free service quote.

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