Sliding Doors

opened sliding doors

Designing your home interior is definitely an exciting and rather challenging process. What a homeowner would not actually be willing to reach both comfort and luxury in the entire interior design as well as to find the most practical way to use all available space? The appearance of sliding doors made a real breakthrough in the interior design field. While saving valuable space in your home or office, they also look very fashionable and may add unique elegance to your premises. Their unique sliding construction allows them to open very widely and provide unobstructed views that are very important for terrace and patio entrances.

Today you may find these doors in many residential and commercial buildings. They are available in various designs and styles to match almost any interior. Materials that are used for sliding doors may vary – so as their design choices, but the most popular ones are wood, metal, glass and plastic. While metal and plastic frames are preferable solutions for exterior use and public areas, wood comes perfectly for interior projects. Made of noble and beautiful wood types, like oak, timber, walnut and redwood, such doors will certainly produce a magnificent visual impression and create a luxurious atmosphere in any space.

You can think of installing wood sliding doors at the entrance of virtually every room within your premises – from your bedroom and living room to kitchen and cabinet. They may also come very handy as back doors, corridor doors or in any other place with limited space. Due to their easy movable construction and ability to take up very little space, sliding doors are also often used as room dividers.

closed sliding doors

In such a way, there are plenty of different applications for sliding doors. It is worth to mention that this door model is very easy to open for everyone, even for small children and weak people. Sliding doors can be also rather cost-effective choices, if compared to many other traditional items.

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