Timber Windows

Traditional timber windows

Perhaps, aesthetics and natural beauty are the main attraction power of timber windows. When combined with professional manufacturing, custom design, suitable finish and precise fitting, they will certainly add value to your property by enhancing its overall appearance. In terms of construction and overall functionality, today there are plenty of options to choose from. However, traditional timber sash windows still remain one of the most popular choices.

Undoubtedly, timber windows are pretty much better alternative to PVC windows with regards to many factors. They provide a luxury and refined impression and, therefore, can significantly increase the potential selling price of any building. But what’s more important, timber windows are much better for the environment, if compared to the PVC ones, as they provide a dramatically lesser harmful impact. Unlike chemical materials, wood doesn’t cause any allergies or respiratory diseases.

When maintained and looked after properly, timber windows can service you perfectly for many years to come, allowing to enjoy their perfect design, easy and convenience of use as well as a very pleasant living atmosphere they create. If you are interested in finding a reliable company that manufactures custom-built, high-quality timber windows in London, look no further than SolidCarpentry.co.uk – an established London-based contractor offering a full range of carpentry and joinery services at the most competitive prices.

sash timber windows

Backed by our significant field experience and strict customer-focused approach, we are ready to provide you with bespoke timber sash windows designed and manufactured just from scratch, up to all your individual requirements. While using premium-class solid wood along with the latest manufacturing technologies, our skillful carpenters can ensure that you get top-notch quality, extremely durable windows featuring smooth opening/closing and perfect resistant properties to harsh weather conditions.

As a full-service carpentry and joinery contractor, we also specialise in renovation and replacement of timber windows. While working with your old windows, our professionals will choose the best fitting materials, finishing options and any related accessories to let you enjoy your windows functioning properly and looking beautiful like the new ones again.

Feel free to contact us today by filling out our simple online form or calling 020 8819 3448 to find out more about our solutions and services.


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