Window Restoration and Repair

Wooden windows restored

Many old London houses built over the last 50 or more years still retain their original timber or pine windows that have been properly made during the construction period. Of course, with the passing years, they may get some damages like wood cracking, defects in sash cords and some others. The replacement of such windows is not always a viable decision, especially when it comes to historic buildings. Besides, you can never be absolutely sure that your new windows would be of the same quality, durability and appeal as your old ones.

Whether you think over your wooden window repairing in a residential or commercial property instead of replacing them, and now trying to locate a professional and reliable carpenter for this window restoration project, look no further! is an established and reliable contractor offering first-class services for window restoration in London and surrounding areas.

We work with both individual and business clients having the intention to retain the architectural integrity of their premises when repairing windows. We will choose the exact wood type and all other necessary fixing and replacement parts and attributes to make your century old wooden windows look like new ones again.

Window restoration service

Apart from restoration and repairing solutions, we can also offer you services for making your windows more energy efficient. Our carpenters are able to provide you with a range of related services, such as reglazing, adding second glass panes and spacers, removing sashes, etc., that will allow to dramatically reduce your energy bills while keeping the vintage style and beauty of your windows.

Whether you’re in need of professionals who specialise in pine, oak or timber window restoration, consider Solid Carpentry. Feel free to give us a call at 02088193448 or fill out our simple contact form today and we will get back to your shortly to discuss your case and all available options.


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