Wood Cladding

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As a homeowner, you probably know that a comfortable, warm and healthy indoor environment depends to the greatest extent on exterior walls, or to be more precise, on how they are covered and protected from the negative weather conditions. Rain infiltration, moisture intrusion and frost are some of the most critical issues for every house and building. A strict focus on improving durability, reliability and protection of buildings has resulted in the appearance of new technologies and materials used in building construction. One of such modern technologies that is widely used for both residential and commercial premises is cladding.

Cladding refers to the process of covering outer building walls with the aim to improve its protection from wet climate elements. There are plenty of materials used to finish houses and make their outer surface able to deflect away water and moisture, such as wood, bricks, vinyl siding, stones, etc. However, wood enjoys more popularity than any other materials, as it not only perfectly performs the main cladding function, but also adds a unique touch of luxury and elegant style to a building.

wood cladding around building

If you are also currently concerned about proper protection of your building from harmful weather conditions and now looking for professional and reliable cladding contractors in London, Solid Carpentry is able to assist. We are an established, FENSA-registered carpentry and joinery company with a considerable experience in this field.

We understand how important it is to keep buildings in good shape with regard to enormous investments typically associated with their construction and maintenance. That’s why, we suggest you to take advantage of our wood cladding panels that are developed to serve as the perfect protective solutions for any house outer surfaces. Our qualified carpenters specialise in exterior wood cladding for various buildings, both private and commercial ones.

In every our project, we pay maximum attention to details to achieve the best results of our work and match all your requirements with regard to performance, quality, design and style. Our experts will offer you a wide selection of wood types to choose from. We use top-notch quality woods only, such as cedar and oak that are ranked as top choices among homeowners, commercial constructors and architects. When it comes for quality wood cladding in the London area, consider Solid Carpentry.

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