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Perhaps no one will argue against the fact that there are very few other building materials that can compete with wood in delivering natural elegance, warmth and the ability to create a cozy, refined interior atmosphere. With its natural grains, specific patterns and colours, wood shows real beauty and aesthetics and, therefore, may dramatically enhance overall interior style of any property. From this and many other points of view, wood flooring is considered to be one of the most popular materials in both residential and commercial premises.

Without a doubt, solid wood flooring may retain its original beauty for many years. More than a century of perfect serving and reliability is a rather easy task for these floors. Some sanding, refinishing or lacquering jobs once every 20-25 years are quite enough to maintain solid wood flooring and keep its surface in the perfect condition.

Unlike many other flooring types, solid wood slabs feature excellent resistance properties for scratches, wearing and tearing. As for their engineered wood alternative, solid wood flooring has a competitive advantage with the possibility to enhance their appearance. With engineered hardwood any processing is almost impossible since it is formed of several piles, rather than being a solid block.

real wood flooring

You can fully rely on Solid Carpentry professionals with your coming solid wood flooring installation project, since our services include everything: from removing old floors and rotten joists to laying a new floor itself. We can also offer high-quality sanding and stripping services for proper regular maintenance and care of your current floors or complex rehabilitation services for your damaged or old floors.

Prior to starting any related project, our carpentry and joinery experts will thoroughly analyze your space, individual requirements and then make an extensive research to identify optimal flooring choices and offer you a solution matching all your needs and goals to the fullest. Contact us or call 020 8819 3448 today to discuss your specific case.


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