Wooden Sash Windows

traditional wooden sash windows

What do you know about sash windows? You’re probably aware that this type of windows belongs to so-called Victorian or Georgian architectural periods being typically used in the old-fashioned English homes. Sash windows are composed of a simple wooden frame having one or more panels or sashes (they can be attached either vertically or horizontally) to hold glass. But this is not a complete picture of what sash windows are. These wooden home devices are timeless in their classic beauty and designed to show a unique character of any house.

Besides the old-fashioned appeal of sash windows appreciated by many people around the Globe, there is also an ecological aspect of their use. Such windows are made of wood being more eco-friendly than plastic or aluminium. If you are going to transform the look of your home adding a unique touch and traditional style and yet contribute to the environment, think about wooden sash windows that we offer.

Solid Carpentry is a professional carpentry company that is here to make your house look more attractive and stylish with wooden sash windows. We are based in London and provide our services in all surrounding areas ensuring the highest standards along with excellent results. Whether you need to replace your old windows with wooden sash windows or just restore / repair broken frames and sash cords, we are ready to offer you quality craftsmanship meeting any your related needs to the fullest.

Sash windows

As sash window installation and restoration requires professional approach and extensive knowledge, its advisable to hire a contractor with many years of related experience in this field. Our wooden sash windows are the product of a close collaboration of our professional carpenters with designers that allows them to match any home style and exterior.

Whatever your budget or specific needs are, Solid Carpentry is always ready to perform custom carpentry tasks to match all individual client requirements. Contact us to learn more about the range of services that we offer and get professional consultation today.

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