Wooden Staircases

wooden stairs

Do you own residential or commercial property in London? While being on the market for quality and affordable wooden staircases, you may find an extensive selection of various manufacturers operating in the London area. However, you should be aware of the fact that many of them provide a standard range of products or services that are not always suitable for every client.

We are a reputable and experienced carpentry and joinery contractor operating in the London area and provide a comprehensive range of related services including manufacturing and installation of wooden bespoke staircases at reasonable prices that even customers with a limited budget can afford. Our custom made wooden staircases will add a natural elegance to the interior of your home while serving as a convenient floor joining item.

All of the woods we use to manufacture bespoke staircases are of premium quality. Another important advantage of our wooden bespoke staircases is the way they are manufactured and installed – all elements are thoroughly processed and mounted to ensure they are highly steady, firm, durable and absolutely safe.

external wooden staircases

The next time you are going to update your home interior and make a sophisticated design statement, consider our elegant bespoke wooden staircases.You can rest assured to get the best value for your money and top-notch quality of the end product. Solid Carpentry can definitely be the right choice when it comes to bespoke staircases manufacturing in the London area.

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