Wooden Window Restoration

wooden sash windows outside

There are some things in our life that still allow to enjoy true classical style and wooden sash windows are one of them. They have been around for many years already and there is only minimal chance that modern plastic windows will ever replace them completely, as plastic windows are not capable to bring such a refined elegance and style as wooden ones can.

Though traditional sash wooden windows are extremely durable, they require a proper regular maintenance and in some cases even repair. They tend to rattle in their frames, rot in their sills, top meeting rails, bottom rails and other sections. Flaking paint, broken sash cords and weights, open joints, missing putty, gasps around the window – are some other common problems that may lead to wood deterioration. That is where we can help.

Have your sash windows reached the age and condition when some repair works are required? Are you looking for a professional and reliable carpentry company offering sash window restoration in London? You’ve come to the right place! For more than 15 years, Solid Carpentry professionals have been working with both residential and commercial projects in the London area performing various carpentry and joinery projects including wooden window restoration and repair.

Old wooden window

Our specialists will carefully examine your wooden windows, remove any rot, replace damaged sections, eliminate all existing and prospective problems, improve various operational issues as well as upgrade them by sealing around the frame and using a draught proofing system. While eliminating draughts and rattles, we will dramatically improve heat retention in your home.

Along with sash windows we also work with all other wooden window and door types. Our main competitive advantage is that we strictly obey the highest industry standards and your predefined deadlines. Contact us at your earliest convenience and have your sash wooden windows repaired back to their optimal working condition.

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