Wood Cladding Installation

Image illustrating work on a cladding installation

At the left is a wonderful example of how wood cladding installation can boost curb appeal and significantly improve the appearance of a building. In this example, the vertical cladding disguises what would ordinarily be a large, blank brick wall and makes the building boast a more contemporary and stylish façade.

Wood cladding can be installed in a variety of wood types, horizontally or vertically, and in differing sizes. Options include oak, larch, western red cedar timbers, all of which offer longevity and durability and our team of specialists can advise on the best materials and design for your project. Cladding can also be installed within the interior of a property and because of the various combinations in which it can be fitted it can truly transform your property – inside and out!

In the Gallery at the left, the images show the many stages of a large-scale cladding project before, during, and after development. At Solid Carpentry, we have built a team of specialists – joiners, carpenters, and cladding experts – who have the expertise and skills to carry out any size project from small-scale interior cladding installations to large-scale commercial projects such as the one featured at the left. Here we worked closely with the developer and property owners to design and install heavy-duty, durable wood cladding that will remain structurally sound and aesthetically appealing for years to come.

All of our contractors are highly skilled, qualified and work to industry specifications and standards. All of our work, regardless of the size of the project, is guaranteed and we are committed to ensure 100% genuine customer satisfaction. Over the years we have built a sound reputation for superior results and exceptional customer service. It is for this reason that we come highly recommended and much of our work is repeat custom.

If you are a home or business owner, or a property developer, and your building would benefit from exterior or interior cladding, contact us today to discuss your project needs.