Benefits Of Bespoke Built-In Furniture

Bespoke wardrobe

Have an awkward shaped room that you can’t get any store-bought furniture to fit in? Got lots of things to store and a tiny apartment? See a fantastic storage solution but just can’t afford it? Maybe you’re hankering after something a bit special furniture-wise that none of your friends or neighbours have?

For these – and many other reasons – having bespoke built-in furniture specially tailored to your apartment or home, such as built-in wardrobesbespoke cupboards or beautifully fitted alcove units is the perfect solution. And we’ll explain why right here:

Fit your bedroom around your wardrobe

Most people when they move into a new home buy a wardrobe to fit around the space available in their bedroom. And you can bet there’s around a foot or two of ‘empty space’ either side of those wardrobes (which you’ll eventually fill with things like tennis racquets or an ironing board, etc. and which can make the bedroom look cluttered).

The beauty of high quality bespoke fitted wardrobes is that they utilise all the available space meaning you don’t just end up with more storage space, but space that’s more tailored to your needs. A bare corner and cupboard can be knocked together to create a dressing room, for instance, while a woman who is a shoe lover (and there are many of us around 🙂 ) can have additional space incorporated to house that precious collection!

bedroom bespoke built-in furniture

Get bespoke cupboards to fit your budget

When you go into a furniture store and fall in love with a particular cupboard, the price you’ll pay for it is the one on the price tag. Sure, you can barter a little with the salesperson, but you’re roughly going to pay around the figure the shop demands. With a bespoke built-in furniture you can sit down and discuss with your carpenter what you’re looking for and how much your budget is.

He – or she – will build accordingly. You might have to cut back on a few bits and pieces you wanted but just can’t afford right now. However, he can leave space for those so that once you’ve saved up enough cash he’ll come right back and fit them. In other words, you didn’t need to break the bank or compromise in the long-run!

Rise above the Joneses

These days a lot of houses tend to be custom-built. They look the same from the outside so the last thing you want is copy cat interiors too. This is where a bespoke furniture design for your walk in wardrobe,  bedroom furniture or bespoke home office etc comes in to its own. You can put a bit of your own character into the design of your storage. For instance, maybe you’d like a special shelf for a prized collection you want to show off, or you’d prefer curved edges rather than a straight, geometric look. It can all happen when you go bespoke…

Even more benefits of bespoke cupboards, built-in wardrobes and bespoke fitted furniture

Other benefits of bespoke furniture include the fact that they’re actually easier to maintain. When your built-in wardrobe doors are flush to the wall and ceiling, for instance, there’s no room for dust to build up (hooray – less housework!). 

And, no less important, if you have kids or grandchildren around then you don’t have to worry about boxes and heavy objects falling off the top of the wardrobe and onto their precious little heads. Bespoke cupboards are never loose either, thanks to clever compact storage. And, if you’re still worried, you can even have special safety features built in. See – what’s not to like?

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