Bespoke Cupboards

cupboard under stairs

Cupboards are very useful furniture pieces serving as spacious and efficient storage solutions for a great variety of things. They can be placed virtually anywhere within your house – in the living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, but the most popular room for cupboards is kitchen, of course. They can suit as decorative elements in any interior as well. Cupboards with glass transparent doors may efficiently display your valuable collection of antique items or any other fragile things.

If standard cupboards that are available in your local furniture stores neither meet completely your taste and style nor match your particular room size, then it’s worth to consider going for bespoke cupboards that are designed individually to match any of your related requirements. Solid Carpentry is here to offer professional, yet reasonably priced services for manufacturing and installing fitted cupboards in London.

While storing conveniently your fragile dinnerware and other kitchen utensils, like cups, saucers, glasses, plates, bowls, etc. our kitchen cupboards will obviously compliment your kitchen decor due to their distinctive design and unique look and feel. They may come with any necessary number of shelves and drawers to keep all your things well-organized and safe. You can even get a special compartment built in your cupboard for knives and other sharp kitchen tools, which is very important for families with small children – you can enjoy a total peace of mind knowing that these dangerous appliances are out of reach for your children.

kitchen bespoke cupboards

When designing every cupboard, Solid Carpentry professionals try to create a piece of furniture that is both appealing and functional. All our products are made of top-notch quality wood to ensure they are highly durable, look elegant and will serve you for many years to come. Therefore, while making the full job, we work closely with you trying to realise all specific ideas.

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