7 Questions To Ask Your Carpenter When Creating Your Bespoke Furniture Design

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Redesigning or incorporating bespoke carpentry features such as fitted wardrobes, custom-made home entertainment units or even a tailor-made kitchen can be a massive financial (and often) emotional investment. To ensure you’re fully prepared for the bespoke furniture project ahead and to avoid any surprises along the way, here are seven questions you should always ask your carpenter when creating your bespoke furniture design.

Do you have a bespoke furniture design portfolio?

Always ask to see some sort of portfolio. Not only does this give an idea of the quality of carpentry work produced, but it may also give you some inspirations for your own bespoke furniture design project! A portfolio, or examples of past work, will also help you decide if the carpenter has the same eye for detail and a similar sense of style and taste as you. While any worthy carpenter should be able to create work to your taste, it helps if you like their work from the outset. 

What’s included?

Ideally, you’ll want to work with bespoke furniture makers who can manage your project from concept to completion. At Solid Carpentry we listen to your vision, work with you to design your perfect bespoke fitting furniture or fixture solution and construct your custom-made masterpieces to the highest of standards. By working closely with you from the very beginning of the design stage, a carpenter can assess exactly what is required to complete your project, which means you’re not hit with any furniture design surprises or additional charges on completion.

When’s the best time to start?

Depending on the work required, it might be better to complete the project before you decorate your room. This isn’t always the case, however, so it’s best to check with your carpenter before any work starts.

What’s the best material for my project?

Your choice of materials will certainly affect the design and cost of your fitted furniture or storage solution. Whereas bespoke wooden furniture can be the most classic choice, be sure to ask your carpenters for advice about the best materials to use – they are the experts after all! It will help if you give some idea about the look you want to achieve and how the furniture will be used. They should be able to provide you with some samples so you can check against other textures and colours in the room.

My room is a funny shape. Can you work around this?

The answer should always be yes! Our carpenters can accommodate awkward, hard-to-reach spaces, alcoves, sloping ceilings and many other quirks. On the face of it, such ‘imperfections’ or problem areas are one of the best reasons for choosing bespoke fitted furniture. A skilled carpenter will maximise the space available and transform the appearance of the most awkwardly shaped room.

Once the design is approved, can I have a say on the construction?

Again, this should be a ‘yes’. Whether you’re having a boiler cupboard installed, box sash windows fitted or a shop front constructed, it is your project and you should be involved in the process. As a Solid Carpentry customer, you are involved from day one and we value your input during the entire process. After all, providing a custom service means completing the job to your specification.

How much will the FULL project cost?

It’s without doubt that opting for bespoke fitted furniture or a custom-made, fitted kitchen will add significant value to your home – especially in London, UK. Not only will you get the best use of space, superior quality and a personalised look, you’ll get excellent value for your money as your bespoke furniture will last longer. Like Solid Carpentry, most carpenters will offer a free, no-obligation design quote and different options for payment. Just be sure to check all the details before signing on the dotted line and confirm what happens if changes are made to the design or schedule, along the way.

Have more questions about your bespoke furniture project? Would like to discuss ideas and design first? Get in touch today – we’re here to help!

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