Bespoke Shelving

bar shelving

When it comes to a living place or office working environment, there is always a large quantity of miscellaneous small items that need to be displayed for a public view or stored efficiently when not in use. Shelves are the right furniture pieces you need to accomplish this crucial task. Choosing proper shelving units and systems for your particular needs may seem to be a real challenge due to the large variety of related options that are available in your local furniture stores.

How do you like the idea of getting shelves that are designed and manufactured in accordance with your individual specifications to fit both your space and style? Nowadays, more and more people are opting for bespoke furniture as it allows to get both smart and aesthetically pleasant storage solutions. Does it sound interesting? Welcome to Solid Carpentry as we offer a professional service of manufacturing and installation of bespoke shelving for London residential and commercial clients at a very reasonable price.

Our bespoke shelving units and systems are designed and built by our experienced carpenters who know how to achieve an ideal balance between beauty and functionality in every single furniture piece. They can create shelves in any style and add virtually any type of ornate elements and adornments while maintaining their unique size, shape and storage capabilities.

library bespoke shelving

A significant amount of our shelving orders are bookshelves – they are produced to perfectly store various books including non-standard volumes while ensuring their distinct display and easy accessibility. We can set up shelving units all around your house. Apart from your living room and bedrooms, they may come incredibly useful for storing different items in your laundry room, garage, cellar, etc.

Our attractive, exclusively designed, practical and flexible bespoke shelving solutions will perfectly match all related requirements without costing you a fortune.

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