Sash Windows

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A sash window is a very popular window type that represents movable panels with several panes divided by strips, also known as muntins. They can be both single and double glazed and their panels may slide either horizontally or vertically. A sash sliding frame is usually made of wood. These windows have been around for great many years already – since the middle of the 17th century. They can be easily found in London and are considered as an indispensable attribute of the original city’s architecture.

Plenty of modern London buildings – both residential and commercial – are also built with wood sash windows installed. They can add a distinct character to any house by providing traditional elegance and decorative feel to its exterior. Contemporary sash windows still retain the beauty and usability of their some older models. However, they have been redesigned slightly in the way they work for improved and more convenient performance. They are still able to slide up and down though. Due to the modern technologies and materials used, sliding parts feature a better weather resistance quality now, while double-glazed frame provides excellent warmth retention and street noise buffering.

Do you live or run your business in London or surrounding areas? Are you planning to renovate your old building and its windows as well? Are you looking for wood sash windows that will ideally fit the period when your house was built? In any of these cases, Solid Carpentry professionals are ready to assist you in the best possible way.

We are an established and FENSA-registered carpentry and joinery company serving all London areas and offering the fullest possible range of related services, including manufacturing and installation of bespoke sash windows for both residential and commercial premises at really reasonable costs.

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We also specialise in window renovation and replacement. When working with your old pine, oak or timber windows, Solid Carpentry experts will carefully choose the most fitting materials, finishing options and other necessary elements to ensure your new windows feature the same original beauty and style. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our services, share your ideas and specific project requirements.

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