Sliding Bookcase – Simple Solution Protecting Your Privacy

secret sliding bookcase

Whether you work from home or in an office in a building with colleagues there are often important items that are personal or private that you’d like to ensure that no one else can get access to, or stumble across accidentally.

People often opt for a desk with lockable drawers where they can file away all of their important documents at the end of the day and then take the key with them when they leave. However you may feel that this isn’t very secure if there is the possibility that others could be searching for something in your office.

closed sliding bookcase

A safe is another option when looking for a way to implement privacy in the office, but unfortunately these can be broken into if they are obviously on view and someone is keen to get access to whatever is inside.

You may have considered hiding documents within books on a shelf too as this can be a good way to deter people. In that case you risk misplacing them yourself and this isn’t a particularly good way to stay organised, especially if you have a number of things that need storing away.

Luckily, there is a solution that combines these options to create the perfect solution to privacy in the office: a sliding bookcase that hides a safe or even secret room!

sliding bookcase open

We can build you a functional sliding bookcase which slides across the wall to reveal a safe where you can hide anything you like from prying eyes. Not only will people not believe that there could be anything concealed by the bookcase, but even if they do work it out they’ll be faced with a second obstacle too which provides extra reassurance.

As with everything that Solid Carpentry creates, your sliding bookcase or sliding door will be extremely sturdy and of amazing quality. We pride ourselves on being very efficient and having great attention to detail, so you can be confident that your new office addition will last for many years and look fantastic too.

If you are looking for a piece of furniture to provide some privacy in you home or office don’t delay in contacting us for advice and tips on how a sliding bookcase with a hidden safe or panic room could provide you with exactly what you are hoping for.

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